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What is the down payment for the elopement package?
100% of the elopement package is due at booking and is non refundable. This includes lodging.

Can we reschedule our wedding?
Yes. You can reschedule your wedding one time only and if you booked a bridal suite, you may also reschedule that one time too. Rescheduling is based on availability.

What do we need to bring?
Other than each other and your witnesses, you need to bring your marriage license.
The marriage license is so important that the ceremony cannot begin without it.

Do you provide dressing space?
Yes. We do provide dressing space at $50.

Can I come early to dress?
Yes. If you purchased dressing space, you may arrive up to an hour before the wedding to dress. If you are staying the night, you may also arrive one hour early and use your room to change.

We’ve picked a 1:30p wedding time and have reserved dressing space/room. What will the timeline for the afternoon look like?
12:30p. Arrive any time after 12:30p to access your dressing space/room.
1:00p. Ask guests to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your 1:30p wedding.
1:30p. Ceremony starts promptly at 1:30p.
2:30p. You and your guests may have up to 2:30p. At 2:30p, we need to start cleaning the inn for the next wedding.

We’ve picked a 4:30p wedding time and reserved dressing space/room. What will the timeline for the afternoon look like?
3:30p. Arrive any time after 3:30p to access your dressing space/room.
4:00p. Ask guests to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your 4:30p wedding.
4:30p. Ceremony starts promptly at 4:30p.
5:30p. You and your guests may have up to 5:30p. At 5:30p, we start cleaning up. If you and your guests are enjoying the inn and would like to stay longer, we will charge your card $50/hour for the additional time.

What if I have reserved dressing space or a room, may we arrive earlier than 1:30/3:30pm?
Dressing space is available up to 60 minutes before your scheduled wedding time. If you arrive earlier than one hour, you will need to wait in one of our local coffee shops.

Do you provide food and beverages?
A cake reception and/or a toast available. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing either of these.

Do you provide champagne?
Sparkling wine or sparkling cider are included as complementary with the toast.

How many glasses in a bottle of sparkling beverage?
Depending on the pour 5-6 servings.

Can we bring beer or wine?
No. Our license does not allow carry-ins.

Do we need an officiant or minister?
All the Hanson House Wedding packages include an officiant/minister.

Can we bring our children? How many people can attend?
Yes, of course you can bring children. The total number of people-bride, groom, photographer, and additional guests is capped at 10. This includes your children. There is a $35 charge for each additional guest above what is stated in the package to the 10-person max. If you are bringing small children, for their safety, please make sure that they are tightly
supervised while they are at the Hanson House. We suggest bringing someone along
for childcare. During the ceremony, you will want to be focused on each other. The inn
is not child-proofed and we would like everyone to enjoy the ceremony and their time
at the inn.

What if our children are under 1? Is there a charged for them as well?
Yes. Infants, babies, toddlers are all $35/each.

Where can we park?
You and your guests may park in the drive way in the back on the South side of the
house. From there, there are two steps up into the house: One small step from the
driveway to the solarium and the second ½ step into the house. All indoor weddings
are on the first floor. Street parking is also available.

I smoke and I wonder what your smoking policy is?
In compliance with local and state regulations there is no smoking, use of e-cigarettes,
incense, lighting of flames, or cooking in the inn or on the property. There is a
receptacle provided on the public sidewalk. If you are caught smoking, using flames, or e-cigarettes in the inn or on the property, unfortunately, you will be immediately asked to leave without a refund and you will also be charged for cleaning.

What if we need to cancel?
If you need to cancel, we are truly sorry. However, all elopement and weddings packages
Including lodging and add-ons are non-refundable.

What if we need to change the date?
Changes in dates for your wedding and lodging are allowed once.

What happens if we start the ceremony 60 minutes after the agreed upon time?
Your event MAY still be accommodated based on the officiant’s and inn’s availability. If
the officiant and the inn are available, there is an additional $50/hour charge for each
hour the ceremony is delayed. If your event needs to be rescheduled, you will be
charged a $50 for delaying the service.

If we’re eloping, how many guests can we have?
The maximum number of guests including the bride and groom is 10

Does a photographer count as a guest?
Yes. At the inn, every person who comes into our home is a guest. In order to accommodate the comfort of our guests, we limit the number based on the package. Every person counts. If you ask, your photographer may agree to be a witness. If you bring a camera, witnesses are generally available to snap pictures. Afterward, we can re-pose any parts of the ceremony you’d like for pictures. (If you are using the Hanson House Photographer- that person does NOT count as a guest)

Who can be a witness?
The State of Wisconsin requires two witnesses 18 years or older who are legally able to

What is the elopement ceremony like?
The elopement ceremony is non-denominational and lasts 6-12 minutes. Vows are the
traditional vows. There is no reference to a Higher Power or subservience of one
gender over another.

Can we make changes to the ceremony?
The ceremony itself cannot be changed. You can, however, personalize it with your
own vows.

What happens if we stay longer than the package allows?
The time on the packages is absolute. If you go over the time in the package you will be
charged $50/hour. The inn does more than one wedding a day and staying longer may
put another wedding behind.

Can we use candles for our ceremony?
NO, this is a request from the fire marshal and our insurance company.

What should our photographer know about the ceremony?
Please ask your photographer to keep 4 or more feet from the bride, groom and
minister during the ceremony.

My mom and aunt are helping me get ready for a Short & Sweet weekend evening
wedding. What time can they arrive?
On Saturdays, elopements and small weddings are scheduled at 1:30p and 4:30p. At the request of our Fire Marshall, we restrict the number of people in the room to two. Unfortunately, this means only one helper in the room with you at any time. You will need to reserve dressing space or a room if you would like some place to get ready. Guests can begin arriving at ½ hour before your wedding.

How do we apply for our marriage license?
Check the website of the County Clerk in your county of residence. Each Clerk’s Office
varies in hours available and whether they accept cash, check or charge card. You will
need to bring documents such as birth certificate, divorce decrees, and driver’s
license. Check with the County Clerk’s Office for exactly what documents you will need.

We are leaving on our honeymoon the next day and would like to take a copy of our marriage license with us. Could you photocopy it for us?
Unfortunately no. The County Clerk and Register of Deeds are uncomfortable with the bride and groom processing unofficial copies of their license. If you are traveling outside of the country, it may complicate and postpone your leaving on your honeymoon. We would be very happy to take pictures of the two of your with your phone and provide a letter from Mary the Rev on Hanson House stationery to say you were recently married. Couples sometimes use the letter and photos for upgraded services only available to honeymooners. Please let us know in advance if you would like a letter.

How soon is our marriage license filed with Dane County?
If Mary the Rev or Rev Duke are officiating, the Hanson House files your license within 72 hours of your wedding with the Dane County Registrar of Deeds. Most are filed within 24 hours. Your license is sent by Priority Mail with tracking through the main Madison Post Office. The tracking number is included with your Hanson House mementos. Use this number to track when your license arrives at the County.

How do I get my official copy of our marriage certificate?
In Wisconsin, the bride and groom’s official copy of the marriage certificate comes
from the State not the officiant. Once the license is received, the Registrar signs and
embosses it with their seal. There is information in the packet with your license that
you receive from the County Clerk with how to obtain your official copy: more info here

Is our marriage certificate automatically sent to us?
No. Couples need to request their copy of their marriage certificate from the State of
Wisconsin. Click Here for the website. The State charges a fee for each